1. Team Training
  • Dynamic, interactive presentations that teach mental skills and resilience
  • Experiential exercises to practice the skills (e.g. mindfulness, focus and attention)
  • Opportunities to discuss team struggles in a safe environment and address specific team goals
  1. Individual Coaching for Players
  • One-on-one opportunity to help athletes who are struggling or in a slump
  • Development of emerging leaders (e.g. helping a captain who is a strong athlete but may need to take a greater leadership role on the court/field)
  • Enhancement of the athlete’s focus on personal goals and mental toughness.
  1. Team Building
  • Improved interpersonal communication (on and off the court/field)
  • Improved player/coach communication
  • Resolution of interpersonal conflicts between players
  • Increased resilience after losses
  1. Coaches’ Training
  • Principles of mindfulness as used in sport
  • Effective communication with players
  • Help with specific problem players or issues between players


Trainings Available

Goal Setting in the Off Season (1 hour)

This class looks at an athlete’s off season time as an opportunity to sustain or increase fitness levels and to improve in areas needing further development. The focus in this class is:

  • how to develop goals
  • connecting goals with deeply held values
  • keeping on task with weekly check-ins and
  • monitoring progress and self-evaluation.

Research has shown that athletes will work harder in the direction of the service of their values. Helping athletes to key in on specific areas they wish to improve and why they wish to improve helps them to continue to develop in the off season.


Mental Toughness (for any athletic program; 1 hour)

Another offering I have developed based on material from the book Toughness, by Jay Bilas. The focus of this class is:

  • preparation and its relationship to confidence
  • persistence and concentration
  • staying present focused
  • moving beyond the last play to the next play.

The concepts of mindfulness as training in present moment awareness and attention are also introduced as tools to help athletes develop their ability to remain in the moment to optimize performance.


Free Throw Shooting (for basketball; 1 hour)

Specifically for basketball, I have put together a brief training on free throw shooting.

  • What do we know about successful free throw shooters?
  • How do we train under pressure in order to maximize ability to perform in competition at the same rates as in practice?
  • How can pre-shot routines help?

Techniques such as using the breath and awareness of muscle tension as a means to relax and focus completely in the moment will be reviewed.


Arousal Management (for any athletic program; 1 hour)

This class helps athletes to learn specific skills to manage their arousal levels. This class will focus on:

  • physiologic arousal and over thinking (or cognitive arousal).
  • Learning several relaxation skills
  • increasing awareness of how much hype is too much
  • engaging athletes in practices on a regular basis to help alleviate stress and anxiety and turn down reactivity in the nervous system.


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